• Hello

    I am a recent Graphic Design BA graduate currently involved in an interactive project which requires Isadora software programming. The project focusses on the experience of Karaoke, and so requires pitch recognition through a microphone. Certain triggers from this pitch recognition, such as a screen which is playing an accompanying video going blank, or triggering a specific sound will be required. I am working with a group of architects on an interactive exhibition which is launching on 18th September until 21st September in Hackney. The curator of the show is currently in the process of applying for the show's funding. 
    I am looking for somebody who is highly capable with Isadora/sound recognition software and can help me achieve my goal, and is preferably London based. As my knowledge of this technology is minimal I am keen to see the project as a collaboration, and a healthy flow of ideas and suggestions from another party would be welcomed! As the funding is currently being applied for, if you are interested please could you also specify your daily rate and of course when the exhibition opens you will be credited in the project. 
    Please get in touch if you can help: jpdsanchez@hotmail.com 
    and that way we can begin to discuss and I can explain to you what exactly it is I am trying to achieve.
    Thanks and I look forward to hearing back!