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    [we.tl/RfjDaRk3jg](http://we.tl/RfjDaRk3jg) [we.tl/EXWX4bD8Us](http://we.tl/EXWX4bD8Us) [we.tl/rNxmp5S0RX](http://we.tl/rNxmp5S0RX) [we.tl/9dC7TPF07s](http://we.tl/9dC7TPF07s) [we.tl/PIWWReM1d7](http://we.tl/PIWWReM1d7) [we.tl/dFFv0LoumN](http://we.tl/dFFv0LoumN)
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    I was just about to post this! haha. I would download them but my internet is crap... will take me years!

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    I downloaded them, but unrarX can't extract the parts, it's looking for a par2 file.


  • I downloaded a package but I cannot open it. Nothing is free :)

  • I like to use the stuff I make myself much more. 
    It would be better to get on torrent.
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    I downloaded three Rar files. I had also an error message, but was able to open 25 loops. Some of them are really nice.d3abd9-screenshot-2014-07-04-21.08.02.png 3f8b32-screenshot-2014-07-04-21.07.18.png

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    If anyone gets the full package, maybe a easier hosting share is possible?

  • I managed to download and extract the whole set. I also managed to find a discussion about these files on a Reddit thread. It seems that they may be encoded as DXV files used in some VJ software. Apple has apparently ceased supporting this third party codec as of Mavericks. That's a shame, I spent quite some time downloading these! I'm hunting for a workaround.

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    Batch export as a new codec? HAP perhaps?

  • I've never used HAP, although I think it is related to DXV and VJ work?. I have tried so far with mpegstreamclip and Wondershare. I'm about to give compressor a go, although I'm not so familiar with it to be honest.

  • Ok, after far too much time trying to find a solution -

    I reinstalled quicktime codecs from here - http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1396
    If you don't have Final Cut follow the instructions here - 
    Compressor could now view the files but not export them, for some reason mpegstreamclip could. There are some very nice videos in this set. I'm going to try and find time to do a batch convert tonight after work, I will then see if I can put them together as a torrent file and post it here. It may take a couple of days to get this sorted so bear with me.
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    Brilliant thanks ;)

  • Excellent!

  • Hi everybody... im downloading this, but also i found a way to download it without worrying about of a lost connection and this is what i did...

    Im working on a mac so, first i download "progressive downloader" and install, then using chrome i clic on the link to get the wetransfer download link, when the file starts downloading i open the downloads tab of chrome, there you will see that the file has a link i clic that link and it will open another tab which will start downloading the file again, but this time we have the full path that we can copy and then paste into "progressive downloader" and thats it, in case the download loose connection, i repeat all the steps but instead of creating a new download, the one thats already in the "progressive downloader" i just edit the file adding the new mirror, and your download will keep where it got stuck...
    after i finish downloading this i will share a torrent file of this
    thanks a lot to all of you!!!

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