• Hello!
    I need to build a type of VJ Grid style application + some parametric control via Serial.

    Basically, i need 4 layers of (transparent) images + 1 layer of video.
    The parameters from the serial port (+ some logic) control the xpostion of the individual layers.
    Images/Clips for the layers should be triggered from a grid style button with preview images.
    Sending images to each layer fades out the old image in that layer and fade in the new one.

    My first shot at this used Resolume as GUI and Renderer,
    while vvv handled serial I/O and logic, controlling Resolume.
    Only, Resolume GUI is to cluttered (for my purpose),
    and more important, the Render engine produces jittry output.
    (Especially for my case of slow&fast horizontal scrolls)

    Now, my questions is if i can build a similar interface in Isadora?

    • button grid with thumbnail previews
    • adjustable fades between consecutive images assigned to 'layers'
    • easily inserting new media files, ideally drag'n' drop
    • some consistent logic througout scenes
        (something like global functions, so i don't have to repeat redundant logic in each scene )
    • 4 layers of smooth scrolling images at 1200x900 pixels
        1 video layer

    The hardware will be i3 2,7Ghz, ATI Radeon M 5650, win7
    or i7 1.6 Ghz, ATI Radeon M 4650
    I have three weeks for production.

    Is Isadora the thing for building this?
    Is the hardware likely to cope?

    Thanks ahead for your time!

    My first shot at this

  • Tech Staff

    You can built something like this..
    I am not sure about the User Interface being exactly as described, since drag and drop will not be an option, but Isadora does supply a great media bin UI control.
    With your hardware you are going to want to unsure that animation is handled by the video card. The cards you outline are not the most current but from the specs I read on the 5650 it should provide good opengl support.
    So animation should be handled via the horizontal position of a projector actor (this ensure the animation is OpenGL based.)

    For the 'consistent logic' you are going to want to run a background scene that remains open throughout (this allows you to have 'global' elements) I think you should install the demo and test animating with your media via the projector, to test if your machine will preform well. I can say that this is a complex project for a new Isadora user, but is very much possible. I would recommend going thru my tutorial on building a video sequencer, it will teach many methods of routing data that you will need for this project. http://dusxproductions.com/blog/create-a-video-sequencer/ Of course first you should complete the Isadora youtube videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/troikatronix

  • Thnaks for the quick feedback!
    In the meantime, I seem to have found a way to combine Resolume and vvvv viaSprout,
    so I will try that, in order to keep my existing patches.
    even if  that doesn't fail,
    I'll be back here soon,
    as we do develop media spaces for theatre,
    and isadora really looks promising.
    thanks again!