Video adjustment settings (Live Capture/Video Input Settings) with BM Intensity Pro

  • I'm in a situation that I have to rethink the capture system for one old video installation. Before I've used Imaging Source DFG1394 converter, but that product does not exist anymore (or at least you can't get the Mac-driver for it anymore). So, I thought to replace the converter with a BlackMagic Intensity Pro card – to capture the composite video signal from a DV camcorder.

    My question concerns the Live Capture/Video Input Settings in Isadora. With Imaging Source DFG1394 converter I was able to control (in Isadora) several things:
    Live Capture Settings => Video Input Settings =>

    • Video Adjustments Settings
    • Video Compression Settings
    • Video DFG1394 Options Settings
    • Video Source Settings
      For instance, in Video Adjustment Settings there are controls for Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness. And in Video DFG1394 Options Settings there is control for the fields (Any of DFG1394's choise, Even only, Odd only,…).

    Now, before buying a BlackMagic Intensity Pro card, I would need to know if I have the same (or similar) controls for all the Video Input Settings. Would anybody be able to help me with this?

    Many thanks!

  • Just to define a detail, it doesn't need to be BM Intensity Pro card. I presume the same features are in BM Intensity Shuttle and BM Intensity Extreme too.

    So, please, anybody, if you have one of these devices, could you tell about the controls for a SD composite signal.

    Many thanks!

  • Hey,

    I don't know if that help, but I have the DFG1394 plugin. Don't have the installer anymore, but i think last time i just installed it by dropping the file into HD-> Library -> Quicktime and it work. I attached also their little app to check if the plugin work properly.
    Besides that, no experience BM devices and isadora yet, sorry.

  • You get some adjustment on the blackmagic panel in the system preferences, this changes from input type. There is no hue or saturation control. The BM stuff is designed for the broadcast market where you would do that with another tool, not on capture. This hardware records true what you feed into it - The quicktime settings remain as they were, as do the isadora settings.

  • Thanks for the replies!

    Fred, thank you for the info. Yes, I've studied a bit the BM Intensity manual, and I see some adjustments. But those seem not to correspond eg to contrast either. So, I suppose, I would basically get the same (as with BM Intensity) by just attaching the camcorder via FireWire and adjusting the parameters with actors in Isadora? However, that would increase the processing tasks. And it would not be square pixel – DV-PAL res 720x576 versus SD (PAL) 768x576.

    And thanks Maxime for the plugin. I actualy have the plugin already. My problem is that I'm going to have this installation simulaneously in three exhibitions, and I have only two DFG (PAL) converters. If I'm lucky, I could find one secondhand converter from somewhere, but each individual converter needs a specified unlock key code to make the plugin work (the outcastsoft website does not work anymore, you can't have the key codes anymore). Without this unlock key the plugin makes the video alternate between pink and green after about couple of minutes.

    So, I would need to be extremely lucky to get the second hand DFG1394-1e (PAL) and the Mac unlock key for plugin version 3.0x. Of course, if there's anybody here who could sell his/her converter with the Mac unlock key, I would highly appreciate that :-)