Sound source input from another program?

  • Hi Learned Ones

    What I want to do is make 8 chls of "ticks" at sub audio freqs. I tried using an AUSoundFilePlayer triggered by a rect wave generator (see below) but that gets funky around 7 Hz and won't play back consistently. Couldn't thing of another method. Well, I did try static coming in through SoundInput and using the wave to control the AUmixer gain, but not so good.
    So I pulled out a Max stand-alone I made a while back which outputs a sq wave at any freq. Tried sending that to sound flower then into Izzy, but nothing. So I did research and learned (I think) that soundflower doesn't work any longer. Don't understand the alternatives such as Syphon Recorder for this purpose. I could use Max for the whole show, but I like and know Isadora...
    Any pointers? Do my questions tick you off? (sorry - couldn't help it)


  • HI John
    I use Soundflower. Works for me. Where did you read about it not working? Do you have any more info about that? Perhaps that is on Maverick?

  • Beta Platinum

    Soundflower crashes my system. I'm on mavericks. There are alternatives to soundflower, found them in this forum.