Control of 60+ Universes of DMX in 1 Installation

  • So, I am currently working with an architect to create an interactive 3D Lighting Sculpture.  As initially designed, it is comprised of 1152 fixtures with each fixture needing 27 addresses.  Therefore 61 universes are needed.  I have done a lot with a single universe and my Enttec USBDMX pro, and it appears that the LanBox can support unto 20 universes over Artnet.

    Anyone have any thoughts on how to get to 60 Universes?
    I am open to all kinds of Hairbrained ideas....
  • Beta Tester

    The solution will largely depend on how you are trying to generate material for the fixture array and what your budgetary constraints are. I have done system design and consulting for installations with between 20 and 340 universes of LED fixtures and my typical solution is that we use one system (Isadora in this case, I would assume) to playback or generate an appropriate resolution video feed and then we use a dedicated hardware or software solution that takes in the video feed from the media server or playback software and handles the mapping of the video across the hundreds or thousands of individual fixtures and sends out Artnet, sACN, KiNet, etc to the individual fixtures or to networked DMX nodes responsible for each universe or cluster of universes. This has the advantage of making it much easier to configure the whole system as you are using a system that is really designed to handle the logistical and computational demands of dealing with all of those fixtures. There are numerous options on the market for this later role. Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to discuss more specifics of this project and I would be happy to advise.