• $100 Dollars are you serious?

    I am both pretty skint and fairly tight and I still think this is way too cheap.
    How about $103.50 and I can have a cross platform licence?
  • Izzy Guru

    As Mark said in his forum post about the upgrade:

    ** Isadora is a software created _by artists for artists_.**
    ** **

  • @Michel @Skulptur  I cant tell which discussion tag this is under... is there a way to tell when you are in the thread?

  • Well its a steal at that price and as we know, thats what Great Artists do!

    Also - it's great to see people making decisions which aren't based on 'profit maximisation'. 
    Is it sustainable? Will it afford a programmers wages? Will it increase stability? 
    I don't know.
    But F*ck the System!
  • Izzy Guru

    It's highlighted on the right @primaldivine 

  • er thanks.. have been having some funky firefox behaviours since the upgrade to the forum... some pages throwing errors.. will upload a screen grab if it happens again.

  • Looking at the new features, I feel that the upgrade price is fair, although, depending on the actual programming effort involved, I would not be shocked if it were much higher (however, that would delay my upgrade). Comparing the new price to competitor's prices, I should say that Isadora is still beating them by a large margin, but it was always doing that. Conclusion: I am glad isadora is evolving, without compromising its #integrity as a product. Will upgrade as soon as possible.


  • Dear @eight,

    Thanks for those comments. I'm trying to stay competitive and ensure that Isadora gets even better in the future. Your support is much appreciated.
    All the Best,

  • fair price for ART makers and illusionsts , keeps me in the creative progress with Isadora, …

    love peace respect, big hug