• Hi all there.

    I was wondering if someone played with fece recognition inside Izzi. 
    There seems to be different ways to do it, Core image (build in osx) OpenCV libraries, etc..
    Any expertise? ideas? Experiences? 
    What I'm trying to accomplish is to take a photo of a user and use it as the face of a digital marionette.  
    Thanks !

  • To achieve this you need a little more than the facial recognition inside open CV and its implementations in QC - well maybe it depends on how convincing your marionette is. OpenCV face tracking and its derivatives can identify a face and give you a square cutout of it, there is nothing really automatic about it and it makes a lot of mistakes if you dont follow its rules. Face tracking is done by loading in a harr profile, normally only one profile is loaded, like front facing. Anything that matches the criteria will be considered a match and although it can be quite accurate it can also be terrible.

    More advanced systems use facial features and can identify individual features of a face. From here the distance between the features is used to create a map of the face being analysed. This map is dynamic and allows the found face to be twisted and warped while maintaing the image map. These features allow stuff like [this](https://vimeo.com/29348533)- which is what I'm guessing you are after.
    At them moment Isadora does not have these features. You could try and use existing face tracking libraries to write your own plugin, or by using syphon and OSC you could use modify some pre existing solutions to do this. The latter requires much less work.
    Of course there are other less automatic solutions like just cutting out the face in your favourite video editor (or even something like mad mappper) and have Isadora pre programmed to take the image or syphon stream of the face and move it to the correct coordinates in real time.
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    During the research of our last project I did a quick test with a quartz composer actor inside Isadora http://youtu.be/Wcsr85QQn0M Greetings, Alex

  • Fred, thanks for taking the time.

    I saw your presentation in TED Netherlands, and it is amazing, not because the technological "device" (witch is very nice, of course) , but because of content, design and performance. really really nice.
    I think we will try to solve the problem outside izzi and send osc and syphon data to izzi. I have to make some test. What we need to archive could be quite rough actually. 
    @feinsinn what  is that actor? 
    Thanks again

  • @deliriodelux cool gald you saw it. We used standard face detection from open CV to do that. We could get up to 700 faces in a single shot. We tricked everyone to look at the camera. In the end I think I got about 80% success but we had to have a system for correcting false positives (many for some reason this library finds cleavage as a face a lot), and to add the faces it missed. Let me know how you go and if you need anything made to bridge the gap to Izzy. Fred

  • @deliriodelux there is a tutorial here http://vdmx.vidvox.net/tutorials/making-face-tracking-fx-for-vdmx-with-quartz-composer on using the (face) Detector in Quartz Composer.
    After building it in QC, to use the QC patch in Isadora, you would publish the inputs and outputs that you need on the Quartz Composer modules and then place the QC Composition file into the right directory (as defined in Isadora's preferences window) and then Izzy will load the QC patch as a plugin, when it boots up.

  • @fred, yes i saw those false positives too, the corrections were very well hidden ! To have a MC like that helps a lot! Thx for the tips and i let you know if get lost on the way..

    @primaldevine, cool thx  ! , I did Qc input-output publishing before, ....well.. actually is already done. Its in the downloadable folder of from the tutorial.
    I let you now how it goes.
    Long life to the izzi forum!
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    There was a build called FACE OSC I had working a while ago.

    I also had something working with Quartz but can't remember the name....

  • @skulpture, if you have it around or find it somewhere ,.. and don't mind sharing..Thx

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    Link is in the comments I believe:

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    I think it was this one, attached b04bfd-face-capture.qtz.zip

  • just a little FYI... Face OSC is Mac only 10.7+

  • doesn't turn on the iSight of my MBP 17" 10.7.5...??

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    Has anyone ever got this to work?

    I downloaded it, put it in its place but Izzy can't see it. 

  • @ skulpture i have the same problem. i was quite exited when i found it but it does not show up in izzy :(

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    Same - tried a few things but I think it needs updating.