Particle System Direction Change

  • Dear all , i created a little particle system patch in quartz composer. exported it and it works fine in isadora. the only thing i wouuld need to change is the direction. right now the particles fly from the mouse.

    what i would need is the opposite direction. towards the cursor! any hints? i attached the quartz file!

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    If the mouse XY position is the point at which the particles are generated from then where would you want them coming from instead?

  • From the Outside towards the Mouse! The idea is to track the dancer onstage and the flies come towards the dancer. The mouse will be replaced with a sensor or camera.

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    I am not trying to be awkward but there are 4 sides to a stage/video: left, right, top, bottom.

    So would you want the particles to emit/start from one side at a time? Or perhaps all sides?

  • all sides would be great! like a swarm of flies attacking the dancer...

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    Now I get you :) OK could be tricky....

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    You could generate a random slope, then use the slope to calculate a coordinate that is X units from the mouse (being that you want X to remain constant).
    Start your particle at the co ordinate and set it to move in the direction of the current mouse position and fade out over Y milliseconds... (you might have to play with the time to get a nice effect.)
    If you create all your particles in this fashion.. they will appear to follow the mouse coming in from a surrounding circle.
    You will need to ensure that you are creating them very quickly to have a nice effect.

    You can make them follow your mouse, if you make them more complex, using basic physics. This type of thing can be taken pretty far.

  • @DusX .. i really appreciate your hint but i´m a designer not a programmer ! so to be honest i have no clue where to start with your description. :(

  • It's my first post, so

    Hello Forum,
    great to have all you nice and helpful people here!
    @gapworks: Couldn't get your "attacking the dancer" out of my head, so here's something that might help.
    It's particles generated on a circle that is 'out of sight' and they then fly towards the center and die there.
    With x,y translate you then move the whole 'system' according to the mouse watcher.
    All the best


  • @ Reinhard...Your patch is just what i was looking for!! Thank you so much!! I post my final fly result , promise!!

  • Glad I could help.

    Needed to google 'Trigonometry' to find the solution...

  • @ reinhard But i still have a Question it seems :( i sent you a pm

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    Clever I would never have worked this out! Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi

    An other workaround, looking quite different.

    It of course needs tuning, but I wanted to test the idea.
    It's based on gravity and rotation of the 3d space.


  • @ Mehdi - that's a hard one to scale...

    And this way you will never have a precise point of impact, it will always be in infinity.
    You can play with start/mid size and fade-in/hold time in mine to give it a bit of a 3d-ish look. 5/1 and 9/1 is a starting point.
    @ Skulpture - Izzyguru said 'clever' - you made my day! Thanks!
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    @Reinhard credit due where credit is due! ;)

  • @Reinhard

    [He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.]( "view quote")
    [(Quote-Jim Elliot)]( "view quote")

    SO lovely, and generous. Thanks Reinhard! That is beautiful.

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    We may be the IzzyGuru's but we certainly don't know everything. Isadora is an endless spiderweb of possibilities and creativeness. So when someone creates something unique it deserves recognition. :)

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    Really. I'm amazed  by what my Izzy students and you guys could do for the last 10 years.

  • Thanks!

    But I have to give credit to @DusX for his comment, that pushed my thoughts into the right direction!