• Izzy Guru

    I am entering new territory here...

    Just got a Go Pro hero 3 + it's amazing and has WIFI live stream. I can open the stream in Quicktime using >>open location>> and entering the IP with .m3u8 extension. How can I get this into Isadora?

  • Dear Graham,

    I am pretty sure that with AVFoundation you'll be able to do it. But we'll need to come up a way to specify a URL for the file instead of an actual file.

    Probably worth doing. But another thing on the list.

    Best Wishes,

  • Izzy Guru

    Ooooo interesting. Happy to test when needs be, but like you say its another thing for the list.

  • Tech Staff


    I see your got the 3+, what is the wifi feeds delay like?
  • Izzy Guru

    The delay is a good 3-5 seconds.

  • Tech Staff

    Yeah, I got the same. Can't remember if I had a 3 or 3+

  • GoPro 3+ has new WiFi chip that is faster. But delay is in seconds still. I think it would be too much to ask  to have usable live feed over WiFi for this otherwise amazing camera.

    Other than that - why would you want to use GoPro for live? You will not get Camera RAW, Protunes, 4K-2K over WiFi in anyway. I can't remember exactly but wireless feed is limited in size and quality. If it is the ultrawide lens you like then it is available here
  • Izzy Guru

    Even with a delay it's useful and might be used for making cool effects. That - or just for reference. :)

  • @Skulpture: How the delay is measured. Using VLC? Is it possible it is VLC's fault?

  • Izzy Guru

    The delay seems to be a little bit less in Quicktime but like @vanakaru has said the delay is still seconds (3-4 easily)

    You could definitely **_not_** mix live with it - but I may have circumstances were I can use live feeds of the crowd, lighting, abstract stuff, etc in VJ scenarios. 
    If nothing else I just like knowing I can get decent live feed from it. It looks kinda cool with the fisheye distortion too.

  • Quick note on the GoPro cameras used for live capture - If you plug them in to a steady source of power for long rehearsals/show runs, get ready for some problems. I was using the micro HDMI out of one as a top view for a dance piece and it started overheating. Apparently they're not meant to run much past the life cycle of two batteries and will shut off when used with the internal power supply for more than 6-8 hours.

  • Izzy Guru

    Cool thanks for the tip.

  • This small camera is packed tight with rather large sensor that generates heat a lot. Overheating is very common problem with creative uses of this camera. Also heat is designed to dissipate through front plate around the lens.

    I have used my GoPro for day-long timelapse shoots. For that I made a power adapter that use parts from the battery(contacts and electronics) but leaves most of the cavity open. That will help the heat dissipation along supplying ready 3.7V and making camera see the power source as a battery. Also I have used small video card fan that runs off 5V very quiet but helps a lot.

  • hello,

    may it be late to answer this question, but I just took a look at a similar post, it may be useful for people. https://community.h7.org/topic/577/gopro-live-streaming it tells that

    On your GoPro camera enable Wi-Fi for GoPro App (Not for Remote Control)
    Connect to your GoPro's Wi-Fi network with your computer (Note: your internet connection will probably stop)
    Open System Preferences > Network > Advanced... and select the TCP/IP tab. Take note of the "Router:" IP address, more than likely
    Open your browser and access the above-mentioned IP address on port 8080 e.g. actually, I think convert m3u8 to mp4 is a better idea, lol