Applying texture to 3D Object

  • Hi,

    I am trying to manipulate(change colour or things like this) with original textures of 3DS object in 3D Player but I am having some problems. First of all I have 3 textures in that object so is impossible to use picture player as texture map for the object. When I am trying to bake these textures in Cinema 4D and then use that file picture player is mapping is not being correct which make sense, because after baking textures texture file is mixed between 3 textures. I was wondering is there any solution how can I use my original textures for object with possibility to manipulate with them.
    I hope that I am being clear what am I trying to achieve.

  • I think what you are talking about is multitexturing- dynamically changing the textures that are mapped to a mesh. As far as I know you cannot do this in Isadora and it is not so simple even in pure openGL. This gets even harder when you want to change the positions and or areas that you are mapping the texture to.

    I don't know exactly what you are doing but maybe it is possible to cut up your model into pieces that have a single texture. Form here you could use a different file to map to each part of the model and work out the positional offsets for each piece of the model and stick them together.
    Changing the way a texture is mapped onto a model is not really possible with Izzy.

  • Hi Ilir,

    Isadora accepts objects with only one texture.
    So as Fred mentionned, you will have to cut your object into parts.

  • Thank you guys :)