• Dear all,

    I am looking for a 15m or 20m VGA cable to do a show in a small theatre (Stage 5m x 5m), would you recommend any brands on amazon or ebay?
    Great price & quality & good connections?
    Thanks so much!
    Em x

  • i always use Lindy cables.

  • Izzy Guru

    Bit of a sweeping statement but I find nearly all VGA to be ok. 

    The only problem with VGA is the pins getting bending at the end, you can gently bend them back into shape but after a while they snap. Also try and not kink the cable.
    If you really want to a nice alternative is to send the VGA over Cat5 cable using these:
    Benefits are that cat5 cable is cheap, easier to handle, rig and fix the ends using crimpers :)
    Hope this helps.

  • Go for the balun (VGA over CAT5), low quality VGA can give ghosting and soft images, bad alignment of different colours, even great VGA compared to the same signal next to HDMI will look soft and have different colours to the original image (as well as requiring your video card to remodulate an inherently digital signal to analogue). In general VGA cannot be repaired in the field, it is too hard to change the tips if there is a problem. VGA over cat 5 is much cheaper to maintain, if the cable has a problem you only have to deal with cat5e, which you can repair in the field in 5 minutes (you can also get HDMI over cat5). Quality wise the VGA over cat5 is better than the cheap VGA cables as long as it re-modulates at a decent quality.

  • Beta Tester

    Monoprice is my go to for all cables unless I need professional/tactical grade cabling. We also use Gefen 100m VGA over Cat5 baluns extensively but if you are only looking for 15-20m then you will be spending a bunch of money on a good extender and Cat5 cabling when you could just buy a simple VGA cable for $15-20. I have often used 100' (30m) VGA cables from Monoprice without any sort of quality issues.