Generative visuals in Isadora

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to have some generative visuals modules running in Isadora (controlled by audio, but this is not the main problem here).
    I'm not sure we can do many things in that sens with Isadora, so I was more thinking to use some Quartz compositions and use it asa Free Frame plugin, but it's not working as expected....
    Let's take an example to make it a bit more understandable.
    I've been trying to play around with this comp:
    -I can't get any image in Isadora. I published the "image" output of the V002 Dilate patch to get it on my Isadora Object (as i did successfully many times with QC comps) no stream comes. As a test, i connected the same output to a Syphon server, and it streamed well into Isadora... (But i would like to avoid this solution as much as possible).
    -The QC Audio input object doesn't work in Isadora (which seems normal) but i can't figure out how to replace these parameters with isadora object (i don't have audio core....). I tried to publish these parameters to manually change it into isadora, but it crashes everytime (though if I replace Audio input object in QC with Waveform generator it works properly...)
    I've the feeling that the QC "Render in image" macro patch is causing problem to Isadora...
    -Does any body ever tried to import such an object in Isadora and would manage to make this work?
    -Is there a better option to get "complex" generative visuals in Isadora?
    I hope this post is not too much confusing since it goes a bit in every directions...
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    Have you had any luck yet?

  • @Skulpture No news so far, but i'll keep this post updated with the best solution I'll find!

  • You do not need audio core for this,

    1 find the audio input object and make them simple input objects,

    2 in isadora you may have to limit scale values these inputs, for the patch to work

    thats the big secret about



  • @rainbow Thanks for your tips!

    Unfortunately it's still not working.
    There was still an Audio Spectrum in the macro patch that was causing Isadora to crash.
    I've removed it, so now it's not crashing anymore, but i still don't have any visuals...
    I'm playing manually in QC with values to get the good range and it's working properly, but in Isadora it's just black image.
    I tried to output from different parts of the QC patch to see if some object was causing problem, but it's always the same (bad) result in Isadora.
    Attached is my QC file i've put in the Freeframe folder.
    I really feel like the problem is coming from the "Render in Image" Subpatch that Isadora can't understand...

  • @Maxime Well, it could be the v002 Dilate QC pllugin not working in Isadora, maybe OSX 10.6 will do, have no chance to test, this is not new for me some v002 plugins are no more usable with OSX 10.8. in Isadora, you could use syphon to get the image into Izzy.



  • @rainbow I actually did a version without the V002 Dilate plugin, and it's not working either...

    Right now i use Syphon to stream it to Isadora but i got quite a big latency (at least 2 frames) which is definitively not working for audio interaction...
    I'm still running under 10.7.5 (don't know if it changes anything)... I can still hope it will work with izzy 2.0 !