• Hello All,

    lazy sunday afternoon...
    Here's a patch for a magnifier you can move around with your stage mouse.
    No big deal but simple and I think nice (especially with the auquarium video I built it upon) and worth sharing.
    Herewith I vote for a new category called 'Playground'.
    As well I think that simple things like these can work like 'mini-tutorials' for beginners.
    My next wish is a place where all the useful patches and user actors that fly around in this forum are collected.
    Just some thoughts...


  • Thanks Reinhard. Yes, fun!
    There is a online user actor library in the works already, that will be accessible from the troikatronix website. There'll be an annoucement on the forum, once that is ready for public access.
    Great minds think alike :)

  • Beta Platinum

    Nice, thanx!