OSC XY Pad Crashes Izzy

  • Hi.
    Strangest thing....
    I have a two scene setup using touchosc and ipad to activate video, etc.
    I added an XY Pad with an OSC listener on channel 8 to the second scene.
    However, every time I touch the xy pad, Isadora crashes.

    If I open a single new scene with osc listener and add the xy pad, it receives the signal and works fine.
    Even if I add a new blank third scene, isadora quits.
    I have tried deleting the xy pad and adding a new one with a different channel, same experience.
    There isn't any conflict with channel numbers, not certain what is going on.

    However, sometimes when adding the xy pad to touchosc the cross-hairs usually found on the xy pad do not show up until you touch the xy pad.
    When this happens, even though the xy pad is identified as /isadora/8 - it activates the osc watcher in izzy on channel 2... and does not crash.
    Weird stuff.

  • Dear Chizzer,

    Are you speaking about TouchOSC? Or something else when you refer to XY Pad? Or are you talking about a 2D Slider in the Control panel.
    Please clarify and I'll try to help.
    Best Wishes,

  • xy pad should be sent as /isadora-multi/
    will give you X and Y on OSC channel 1 and 2

  • Hello All is it possible to have more than one xy pad? when i use /isadora-multi/4 e.g. nothing happens. but it works with /isadora-multi/1. thanks

  • Dear Oscar,

    Better than using /isadora-multi/1, use the standard TouchOSC your own custom IDs (not /isadora or /isadora-multi) and then set them up in the Stream Setup window. 
    For example, using one of the standard TouchOSC setups:
    1) Open Stream Setup window from Communications menu
    2) Click "Auto-Detect Input"
    3) Move the controls on TouchOSC to which you wish to "listen" -- these will appear in the Stream Setup window
    4) Assign port numbers to the inputs
    5) Close the window
    6) Add OSC Listeners to listen to the data.
    When I do as described above, and move the X/Y controllers around, I see this in the Stream Setup:
    You can then click "Renumber Ports" and it will assign the ports 1, 3, 5, and 7\. Why is it skipping numbers? Because these OSC inputs provide two numbers -- X and Y. So, for the first address (/3/xy2) you will listen to X on OSC port 1, and Y on OSC port 2.
    Hopefully that's enough to get you going.
    Best Wishes,

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