• Hi All,

    I'm getting autosave copies on my desktop even though I've set an autosave folder. My project is placed on the desktop, so maybe that has something to do with it. I've attached my preferences. Also, Izzy seems to be renaming my current working file as it saves, can someone explain the logic behind this so I know how to work with it - let me know which version I should be reopening afterwards? So far, I've just looked for the most recent version. 


  • Some help on this would be greatly appreciated! This is what my desktop looks like right now... 2af05d-screenshot-2014-08-12-16.03.38.png

  • Disabled autosave, still doing it...

  • Izzy Guru


    Is it possible that you have activated the incremental backup ("automatically box" should have no tickmark)? Its located underneeth the auto save and is getting saved onto the desktop.
    The autosave always over writes the older autosave file and if you do a save yourself it gets deleted.
    Maybe you can file a feature request for a "use custom incremental backup folder".