• I'm taking a show to Edinburgh Festival Fringe next weekend, we'll be playing at ZOO Southside (venue 82) every morning at 11, from the 18th til the 25th.

    Beyond the Body is a remix of a show we made a couple of years ago, and uses a couple of projectors creating responsive environments for the dancers, all controlled by Isadora.
    Is anybody else showing stuff up there? It would be great to meet up....
    here's a short [video](http://youtu.be/I0R3JRTAAXw) promo of the 2014 show:

  • Fantastic. I love the Shamans horns! Break a leg! :) x

    I designed and performed in a duet show at Edinburgh in 2006, all run from Isadora. 'Grace' with Joe Laughlin of Joe Ink. Can't remember now the name of hte venue but it was a tech adventure, lets just say!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqWW3-IsDvo  It's a bit old school now! But we learned so much!

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    Like Grace and the oldschool style ;-)

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    Looks cool. Its great to see what people on this board are upto.
    Best of.