Feathered black edge on video?

  • Hello all,

    I'm looking for a way of making movie edges soft - feathered to black - so the edges of the projection are less obvious.
    Found this old entry in the Forum archives - http://forum.troikatronix.com/forum/Isadora_C2/General_F4/Isadora_on_Tour,_Can_I..._P1860/.
    However, when I try to import a .TIFF file into Isadora (current version), it won't accept the format.
    Any suggestions?

  • Hallo.

    I think mac is adding .tiff to the file when downloading. Just delete this addition. The file should read edge-feather-mask.tif.
    If you making the mask yourself try saving as PNG. This works better for me.

  • Many thanks, worked perfectly!

  • If you are using Isadora Core Video there are more flexible and elegant ways to do this using Quartz Composer.

  • You can also use the Shapes Actor with the Alpha Channel Actor...

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