Kinoni - EpocCam drivers, Windows 7, 64 bit

  • @Kinoni and others...

    In trying to figure out why EpocCam just would not work on my system, I finally noticed that there are TWO drivers installed on the system: one called EpocCam and the other called Kinoni Video Source.

    EpocCam works fine in viewer software, but doesn't not appear in Isadora. Sadly, I hadn't noticed the second driver as it's much further down the list and spent a long time trying to get this one to work.

    Kinoni Video Source works fine in viewer software and ALSO works in Isadora.

    So I guess all my problems with EpocCam are related to using the wrong driver.  Does anyone have any idea why there's two and why only one works in Isadora. As I said above, they both work on the computer outside of Isadora.  In Add/Remove Programs, there only seems to be one installation: KinoniDrivers 2.8.1 and in Device Manager there is one each of Kinoni Video and Audio device.

    I don't suppose it really matters, but for the sake of being tidy is there any way to get rid of EpocCam?