• heydo izzy people,

    we want to share a recent build actor
    to communicate with a chamsys console
    probably it isn't bug free but for now it works pretty well
    you can read more about the needed proxy in our [blog](http://blo.avk4.net/isadora-chamsys-magicq/)
    hope this helps
    oscar & clemens


  • Very lovely solution. Thanks Guys.

  • very interesting!
    Where can I find that blog?

    cheers, gunther

  • sounds very interesting as i mainly use chamsysOnPC as my touring lightboard. But to be honest a little more documantation would be great. Because like this i don´t even have

    an idea where to start. :( setup, connection, dongle version, ect...

  • @ Gunther I don´t get it. No Idea where to start. Do you?

  • hi everybody,

    i am trying to remember, but the chamsys was from the lx designer, and the production is already a more than a year ago
    basically we wished to control a chamsys on pc with a connected wing, the easy way would have been a dedicated midi box but this hasn't been around. My attempted was to use the remote control function chamsys is offering when a wing is connected.
    here is the remote protocol https://secure.chamsys.co.uk/help/documentation/magicq/ch32.html
    but i had hard times to understand it so we used wireshark to capture the data stream generated by 2 magicQ machines.
    the patch is the rebuild data structure chamsys is expecting,
    one problem was still left that izzy is only opening tcp ports but the console is expecting a udp connection, this is why we used netcat to act as a proxy
    we had a basic working setup, but the lx designer decided to manually cue the lx to the video
    as we worked with acrobats and he felt more comfortable knowing that we won't trigger some lights while there are flying and jumping around.
    the patch shows 
    some number transforming, i thought it could be useful for some of us who are trying to match there values to an expected formatting. An Issues which comes around quite often when dealing with tcp or serial connections is the back and forth transformation from 1 byte (256 values) into 3 characters or the combination for 10 /16 bit data.
    an counter (index) value generation think of it as a stamp for the udp packet
    a "checksum" datalength calculator
    @gunther @gapworks does that help a bit ?
    best clemens 
    when i find some time next week i could look to find more docs from the project but without a chamsys wing around it is hard to test …

  • hi clemens,

    thanks for your reply. At the moment I have more questions than I could ask. At our venue we just bought some chamsys products (MQ80, PC wing) and we are learning a lot. Tomorrow we'll have a workshop with a Chamsys specialist. I'll show him your patch and will ask him some questions for linking Chamsys to Isadora.

    Hopefully we will get some useful actors for our work, like a Go or a Playback fader...

    I'll post our experience....

  • Thanks to clemens and the stuff of m_theater Berlin, I ran my first theatre production on Chamsys MagicQ, controlled from Isadora. Their patch was a great help to connect Isadora to MagicQ.

    I made user actors out of the original patch. In the attached file you'll find my approach to use Chamsys in Isadora. I hope, this will also be useful to others.


  • @gunther, super that it worked out for you

    past month got more busy then expected, so please excuse that i couldn't be help more
    i would be happy if we could post a more picture based "how to" 
    but perhaps that is a task for a izzy gathering ?
    best clemens

  • @gunther we could do a screenshot/ description tutorial when we meet in 2 weeks. i think it might be helpful for others too...

    but great u managed!