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    Hi All,

    I've recently transfered a rather large show file from an older Mac Tower to one of the new (trashcan looking) Mac Pro's. When I moved the parent folders to the new machine most of files do not link into my media bin. With a Media bin of over 100 files I don't want to have to relink each file individually. I've tried under the file window the rebuild media from folder option and all it has seemed to do is to add all of the media after the unlinked media folder. Not all of the media is in order so the media numbers don't all correlate if I were to delate the unused folder.
    Does anyone have any tips on relinking large quantities of media?
  • Tech Staff

    I am assuming you kept everything is the same location relative to your Izzy file (since Isadora stores the path relative to the Izzy file location),

    so another option, and its not the prettiest, is to dump all media in one folder with your Izzy file in the middle of it. This should allow Isadora to find the media, since if its missing Isadora looks local first. I don't have any experience with 'rebuild from folder' sorry.

  • @Bob288
    Izzy is looking for the original folder location. All you have to do is manually show it where the first missing media file is, when the Isadora file first starts up, and tells you that there are missing files. Once you click to select the first missing file, if the other 100 media files are in the same folder it will find all the rest automatically. If they are spread across several folders, then it will find all the files in the first folder and then you will have to tell it again manually where the next folder is. But certainly you wont have to locate the 100 files individually. Isadora is smarter than that ;)

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    Hey All,

    Thanks for the feedback. It seems when we add the first file in each subfolder Izzy relinks the files underneath. 
    Good to know information !