• I have problems with User Actor inputs: If I make changes in the User Actor and proceed with "Save and Update all", the changes are stored as desired. The problems arise if you have this user actors already in use:

    1. The user inputs are not updated. They are changed to the values used in the edited user actor.
    2. The control links are no longer valid. The numbers are visible on the scene editor, but you cannot input values in the control window.

    I enclose a very reduced example. In the user actor there is only one addition made, one value is a user input, connected to a control field "number". For testing just change the seond summand in the calculation actor (inside the user actor). Then have a look at the results. Try to input new values.

    Cheers, gunther

  • Tech Staff

    Please file a bug report. you can see the link in my signature.