• Just have to say, awesome control software. Got my first chance to work with it yesterday. I'm planning to buy a couple seats, and have a some questions -

    • Should I buy release1.31fo6 and upgrade to 2.0, or wait until 2.0 is released?

    • Is the dongle available for 2.0?

    • It appears that Adobes CC 2014 Media Encoder render app is  favoring H264 mp4 renders over Quicktime (as a PC user, 'Bout time!). I notice that you all seem to be facilitating H264 integration for Macs, will 2.0 handle H264 renders well for PC?

    • I got things to work right by check 'Play Windows Movie Format Natively' in preferences, will 2.0 have a similar set of preference selections?

    Once again, very cool software. I look forward to becoming a user