• I am having trouble following the actor help directions to setup my desired action. I want to use a Data Array Actor in scene 1 to receive 40 values and then write those values to a .txt file. In the scenes that follow, I want use the actor to read those 40 values and use them in various other actors. I cannot get the correct settings in place to do this reliably. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Attached is a screenshot of the actor. The r/w mode setting does not appear to do what it is described to do. To write a line, use the setting w and trigger the write input. To read a line, use r and trigger the read input. If I am writing or reading the first line of the .txt file, set the index to 1. What am I missing?? Thank you. 0a7238-disturbances-data-array-actor.tiff

  • Tech Staff

    In your screen shot you are recalling line 6 of the data array.
    Do you need to save multiple arrays of the 40 data values?
    It sounds to me from your description, that you only needed the single list of 40 values.
    If that is the case you only need to write and read from line/recall first position.
    also, having just checked it seems that Index starts at 0, while recall at 1.. 
    so if you insert then write the input values to index = 0, 
    you will read from recall = 1

    I tested using two actors, one set to -w and one to r-
    Hope that helps.

  • i notice in the attached image that there is no trigger attached to the read or write input.

    i think that to get the text file updated the write input needs to be triggered  and conversely to get the new values in the other scenes the read input needs to be triggered.
    i think this to be the case from working with a data array actor a while ago.
    i think i set up a daisy chain of delay triggers triggering replace and then write.   the replace needs to be tiggered if the recall number is one previously added and wanting to be updated.
    hope this helps a bit. xx

  • Thanks. I will try your suggestions later today.

  • i've done a quick test. the patch needs to be saved for the first time for the read write function to work.

    triggering replace and write in the first scene and then read in the second scene will see the values appear. index in scene 1 needs to be the same as recall in scene 2.
    have fun !!

  • the txt file possibly needs to be in the same folder as the patch file. not a 100% certain about this though.

  • i've attached the files i've been playing with.

    if the array is registering new lines the patch chord to replace can be moved to add. a similar mod to the read scene with recall incrementing can be added.
    have fun. xx

    f8661f-array-test.izz 11cb64-twelt.txt

  • @particlep: Thanks for the example! I reproduced it in my Izzy patch and it worked fine. Then I expanded the number of items to 40 and began connecting my inputs. I checked the operation after making five connections and it worked fine. After making 15 connections it stopped working! I have restarted several times and now it refuses to work at all?? I'm going to put this aside for awhile and hit it with new energy in a couple days.

  • @vanderzee

    please find attached the scaled up version of the first patch uploaded.  to get to it i increased the number of items to 40, saved as and then built the user actors to mimic incoming data.
    i hope you can find the point in your patch that is causing the blockages.
    not sure what else i can write here to help as i sense that it'll be down to spending time with the patch dissecting the links until you find the one that causes the issues.
    good luck.
    p.s. just a thought ... can you use 6 data arrays for the six groups as laid out in the comment in the image you attached at the beginning of this thread ?

    b19a94-array-test-40.izz f7d225-twelt.txt

  • @particiep: Thank you for all this! I am going to work on something else for a few days and come back to the Data Array Actor with fresh energy! Thank you.