"Share A Tweet" will be shown on Sunday

  • Hello,

    My new interactive installation called "Share A Tweet" will be shown on Sunday, Aug. 24th at Aberthau, Vancouver, Canada -- after dark
    Part of the Locomoto Arts Collective show "Patterns"
    This installation is about birds and participants will be able to play bird songs and control the speed of bird motion.
    To make it more challenging, the projection is on a hedge -- a dense hedge, but a hedge.
    I am using a mavericks macbook pro with retina. I hope to get the Arduino gesture control working on this in time.
    Isadora is wonderful and I look forward to the upgrade.

  • Tech Staff

    Sounds great. Please try and take some pics; video is even better and we will share it :)

  • Yeay, thats great.
    Here is a weblink. I am also involved in that show as well, working remotely from the UK in collaboration with my longtime friend and dig-media guru Rob Scharein.

  • I finally made a film of one of the performances. Everyone loves the hummingbirds . . .


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