• I want to have three Bin Pickers and then select which one is connected to a Movie Player. Is there a way to change a Movie Player's Control ID Link from the keyboard or the Izzy control panel? Thanks.

  • Hi Vanderzee.
    I am not aware of any way to do this. Will add it to the feature requests list, since I was thinking about this just the other day!
    Perhaps Mark has a tip or trick for doing this...? Basically it seems like the set up window for the Movie Index parameter would have to be publishable, which they currently are not.

  • Workaround is to have three Movie Players instead and route them via two video mixer/s to a projector.

  • Tech Staff


    Heres a screen capture of a simple method of doing what I believe you are asking for. It uses the action of selecting a movie as the trigger for switching the input to the movie player.

    The trigger values are chained to ensure that only 1 value is sent..( I had it working with 1/2 the trigger values, but it was sending 2 values to the movie player every now and again.) I have used a similar setup for mixing before, By adding a radio button, and a router after the selector, you can use the same multiple bins to run multiple movie players, just the radio button selects which player gets the data.
    I hope this helps.


  • Thanks DusX. I will tinker with this when I return to the Studio.