2.02 crashing making user actor

  • v2 crashes every time I add a user input to an empty user actor.

  • Tried to recreate - if I click User in the toolbox filters the user tools do not appear and it stays highlighted whatever other filter I choose. I can create a user actor by double clicking in the scene, but then, some as with Fred.

  • Dear @Fred and @Reinhard,

    I just recreated this. Will get it fixed ASAP. You can expect to see a new build before tomorrow morning.

  • Dear All,

    This is confirmed fixed for 2.0.0b3\. Watch for the new version later today on the pre-release download page.
    Thanks for the catch.

  • No 2.0.0b3 update on the pre-release page... Still in the works?

  • Tech Staff

    Yes more than likely - plus slight different time zones ;)

  • BTW I can not navigate to user actor on menu bar. When I click on User menu item nothing happens and User stays light from now on. Only if I type on search box "user" I shall see the actor. From there on like Fred says crash after adding an user input.

  • Hey there,

    I sent in a bug report. . . but I am getting a crash whenever trying to insert a user input inside a user actor. I have been using the double click and then type out the actor method.
    . . . might be the same thing you are dealing with here but thought I would mention it. . . 

  • Tech Staff

    This is a known issue, and is believed fixed for the next release.
    The update should be available soon.
    There was a delay with another element of the releases improvements that has now been dealt with.

    Thank-you for your patience.

  • The user actor problem is fixed in 2.0.0b3. I'm building it right now, and it will get uploaded today.


  • The user actor bug is fixed for the new release, which just went live.
    Best Wishes,

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