Copy/paste mapping

  • Hi,
    Discussed with Mark :
    It would be so great to right click on a projector actor and see appear "copy mapping" & "paste mapping" functions.

    Thanks !


  • Dear Phillip,

    If you submit a feature request on this page:
    it will get filed in our system and we won't lose track of it.
    Best Wishes,

  • Sorry !
    I'm not focused right now, long day of work, it's 1:00AM here !

  • Ha ha... you're like me. Too much time in front of the computer.


  • Tech Staff

    Me too it seems:



  • Tech Staff

    Same here ;-)

  • Welcome to the club!

  • Tech Staff

    I am sure I used to be able to copy and paste last year on the really old Mapper - but I guess the mapper has developed so much from last year...

    I am sure this will be added at some point :)
    A duplicate slice would be nice also :)
    Just spotted Duplicate! Woohoo. 


  • Saving a mapping configuration to a file would be awesome too !
    But it's probably too early to ask for that..

  • Well, at least Copy and Paste are fixed for 2.0.0b3. Look for it.


  • Oh yes, it works indeed !

    Thanks a lot Mark.


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