Copy/paste mapping from one mapping window to another

  • Hi all,
    In this post : , Mark told me that copy a mask and paste it to another projector is supposed to be supported. I can't figure out the way to do that. So maybe that's an oversight..


  • copied to the correct bug report section.
    Sorry again, can you delete these to posts ?


  • No... it's good to leave them. It helps keep the community informed of the problem and eventual solution. ;-)

    But I will say that I did verify that there is a problem copying and pasting.
    -- M

  • A quick reminder to all Early Adopters that it is most helpful for a quick resolution of any bugs that you catch, if you can fill out an online Bug Report via the support page. This will generally get a faster response than a forum post.
    Here's the link
    thanks for the catch!

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