• Hi there,

    I am trying to give a glow especially outer glow to a 3D model which is played with 3D player. I want to do something like this http://ak7.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/3168022/preview/stock-footage--d-video-involving-half-a-clockwise-rotation-of-human-man-anatomical-model-with-yellow-glow-showing.jpg
    I am trying to use glow or shimmer but i can not achieve my goal. Any idea how can I do this or more exactly can I do it

    Best, Ilir

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    you might want to add a zoom/radial blur.... and mix that back together with the original.
    I am assuming you are already using the 3d renderer so that you have a video feed.
    I think combining the original with a effected copy might be the best approach.

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    Radial Blur is your friend here for sure.

    This may help a little:

  • Thank you guys I appreciate your help, I will try it now. And by the way Skulpture you're link is not working :S

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    Sorry it added a strange " " at the end for some reason.

    Edited now :)

  • Yeah I figure out that thing out, but before I was not using 3D Renderer for 3D Player now that I am using it I am having difficulties to put the 3D model in front so the background. Because I will have a model in front and also background, for background I am using 3D Quad Distort in order of playing with Z translate also I am playing with Z translate in 3D Player and 3D Renderer but model is aways staying as background.

    And sorry that I am bothering you.
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    I just answered this here: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/1491/3d-renderer-and-3d-quad-distort#Item_2

    It think its the layering inputs of the two, since the are not in the same context really..  lets continue that issue in the linked thread.