• Hey i would love to start testing 2.0 in my theatre space, we have several paying jobs including one with external building projection mapping and i would rather not have to buy mad mapper if i dont have to. Any timeline when we might be able to start testing with 2.0? I sent in my application and everything already.  I do wonder if my Core Image and Audio upgrades will work with 2.0

  • Beta Platinum

    Core Video and core audio works with the new beta. Also mapping and as I saw it edge blend.

  • You can become an early  adopter right now. Read here: http://troikatronix.com/about-isadora-2-0

    (This was covered in this [forum announcement](http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/1458/isadora-2-0-availability-starting-monday), but the above is the new landing page for the "Updated to 2.0" menu item now at the top of the help menu in the pre-release.)

  • i received an email from Jamie Griffiths on Wednesday t

    We will now add your name to the Early Adopters list. There are some additional admin steps involved. Please rest assured that we aim to have version 2.0 into all the Early Adopters hands as soon as possible. You will receive a separate email from the license upgrade team with further instructions.  The upgrade process will require that you visit the online store to purchase the upgrade. After that you will be given access to a download and the Quick Start notes that accompany the release. 
    I am not sure what i should do now.

  • You need to wait until "You will receive a separate email from the license upgrade team with further instructions. "

  • Dear Patrick,

    It's been a hectic few days as we've been preparing the next build. I'll remind to get in touch with you.

  • @mark Please add Pamela Rapp at bacnyc to the list of the early adopters. BAC just bought a new license, and they will seem like new users, while in fact, this license is for the work I am doing for them -- an Isadora user since 5 years ago. AFAIK, Pamela requested her putting on this list.


  • Dear @eight,

    Please have Pamela send in the statement as instructed here: http://troikatronix.com/about-isadora-2-0/

    Then they can purchase the upgrade.


  • @PatrickPagano

    Hello Patrick, I have sent your upgrade instructions via the support system today. Thanks for joining the Early Adopters team.
    Version 2.0 automatically includes all earlier optional Core Image and Core Audio features, once you have completed the upgrade process.

    Just a quick reminder for you (and all Early Adopters) that the early soft release is not recommended for use on public projects yet, hence the extra step requesting your agreement to that it is for testing and research at this stage.  Although 2.0 is now running with excellent results for most testers, we do ask that Early Adopters send in any bug reports that you catch via the online support system under the category 'Bug Reports', while exploring the new features so that we can progress to the public release as soon as possible.

    Thanks and Enjoy the IzzyMap!