3D renderer and 3D Quad Distort

  • Hi there

    I am using a 3D player with 3D renderer to show a 3D model but I need also to use another 3D quad distort as a background. The problem here is that the model is always staying in background of 3D quad distort no meter if I put Z-axises of 3D player and renderer lower than quad distort. Can I somehow put the 3D renderer in front of Quad distort?
    When I was using only 3D player without Quad discord it was working perfectly fine.
  • Tech Staff

    Have you tried setting the Layer of both the 3D quad distort actor and the Projector (after your 3d renderer) so that the Projector is on a higher number than the Quad?

  • Sorry for late response, an yes I have tried to put the projector in higher level of layer but nothing is happening. Actually I tried to use a quad distort as an output for renderer and if I set transparent blend to the quad with the model it works but I am not sure if the quality is remaining the same somehow it just looks a bit different, and the effects of the renderer looks to be applied further than just in model.

  • Dear @Ilirvg

    It is likely that you won't see your model if you're using the default z-translate of the 3D Quad Distort, which is -2.5 (if my memory is correct.)

    Let's say you your 3D model is z-translated to -50. In this case, unless you change the z-translate of the 3D Quad Distort, you won't see the model, because the plane of the 3D Quad Distort is in front of the model 3D space. With this example, if you want to see the 3D model, you'd need to set the z-translate of teh 3D Quad Distort to at least -51 before the model will begin to appear.

    The trick here is to push the 3D Quad Distort way back, so it's behind your model, and then to use the 3D Quad Distort's 'zoom' input to make the image bigger so it still fills the entire frame.

    Let me know if that solves the problem for you.


  • Hello @mark

    Thank you for you're response, but I have tried to do that for example in this case my model is -2.04 z-translate and the background (3D quad distort) is in -4 z-translate but again the background is staying in front. But as I mentioned earlier this problem is only if I use 3D renderer without 3D renderer it is working perfectly fine. Also if I use instead of projector 3D quad distort also for the 3D player than I can make it appear in front. But I would like to ask another question. Now that I am using renderer the effects are being applied in renderer are being also applied in complete 3d quad distort not only in model. Is there a way to apply affects of the renderer only in 3D player (model)?
    I really appreciate you're help. 

  • Hi Ilir,
    I don't understand this part: "Also if I use instead of projector 3D quad distort also for the 3D player than I can make it appear in front."
    Can you explain again?  I am trying to build a patch to test based on yoru description, but it might be easier if you are just willing to share the isadora file? Only need to see this one scene. Or a screen grab is fine also.

  • Dear @Ilirvg,

    If you can post an example patch I'll take a look. But please take a look at my attached example. I am using both the 3D Quad Distort and the 3D Projector to make a background for my 3D model. I discovered that the zoom on the 3D Quad Distort is limited to 1000, which makes it a little tricky to work with (I've changed it for the next version so you can choose MAX as a limit if you choose.) But the 3D Projector 'zoom' input can be set to any positive number, so that might be an easier way to do the job.
    Best Wishes,