Recommended Video Formar/Codec for Windows XP?

  • I need to run an Izzy file on an old Windows machine running XP.

    It has got some kind of graphics card -aha a Radeon 9250.
    I'm wondering what video format/codec would be best for Windows?
    I've just downloaded the prerelease 2.0
    I can't use Hap as it doesnt work on XP.
    I haven't got the time to get a better OS/computer.
    Which way to go?

  • Hi,

    You can try PICvideo mjpeg, or Blackmagic mjpeg codecs ( they get installed with any blackmagic capture card driver )
    Don't forget to use avi files and to use the "native video playback" in isadora prefs.
  • Tech Staff

    You might want to try , WMV files.. they are rather optimized for XP playback I think.