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    Found the QC Patch on the web and published the inputs so it can be used in Izzy. This QC Patch can simulate single key strokes or a combination of keys. I used it to record the Izzy stage including sound (via soundflower) with the syphon recorder, syphon recorder can be started and stopped via keyboard shortcut direct from Isadora.

    13d8d0-keyeventemulator.zip 38f248-keyeventemulator.plugin.zip

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    Cool is this a bit like Bones MIDI translator then?

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    I don't think its that flexible, but you can do enough.

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    I added the KeyEventEmulator plugin from the Kineme website to the first post. It doesn't work without it.


  • Hi

    I'm really new to QC and Syphon, so I've probably installed things incorrectly. I put KeyEventEmulator.plugin in /library/isadora/isadora plugins and keyeventemulator.qtz in /library/compositions/.
    The QC actor is available in Isadora, but I'm not sure how to use it. The output is an image, and input includes specifications for horiz and vert sizing. Attaching an image of the actor as it appears on my screen. If you could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it! :)


  • Hey I assume from your other posts you are running this to save snapshots from syphon recorder.

    If I'm correct you have the wrong keys selected in your key event emulator.
    you'll need  [ s + option + command  ] set to on. 
    you'll need to stick a toggle on the trigger event on and off. Ive put a wave gen set to square for the on and off here but you'll want to look at the toggle actor that gives you on or off as its output.
    you don't need to attach anything to the image output.
    Hope that helps. 


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    First the Horz. and Vert. size and the image output are not relevant for this actor. The only reason why they show up in Isadora are because Mark programmed Isadora to automatically publish these IN and OUTPUTS even if they are for no use in this case. HERE is a explanation of Mark how Isadora handles qc actors.

    You have placed the KeyEventEmulator.plugin in the wrong place. You have to move it into Library/Graphics/Quartz Composer Plug-Ins.


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    Also use a CI Projector rather than the normal Projector.

    Anything that uses 'image' instead of 'video/ means you are using Core Actors.
    There is also a Video to Image actor and Image to Video for converting these.

  • Thanks for the responses! All clear now. I'm using the CI Projector, yes. (Well, actually I'm using both a CI and normal projector in this project.)

    Will give it a test now; am sure it'll all function properly.

  • The correct path for the plugin is : /Library/Graphics/Quartz\ Composer\ Plug-Ins/KeyEventEmulator.plugin

  • @lpipoz

    Is anyone successfully using the QC KeyEventEmulator in Catalina? I can't make it work..

    ...I've been wasting Jean-François' time elsewhere because I misunderstood a problem I was having triggering Syphon recordings.