Related to h264 thread - Has anyone tried the new h265 codec? (Link)

  • They claim great things, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet:

  • the new v.10 Handbrake has H265

  • I'd recommend (from Mark's 3LD workshop in New York):

    1\. convert the same short movie into the following 4 codecs: h264, h265, Photo-Jpeg, and Hap. 
    2\. open a new Isadora sketch and add a movie player and a projector. 
    3\. open the 'Activity Monitor' application (on a Mac) 
    then 4\. play each of your 4 codecs of the same short movie one after the other and watch what happens in the Activity Monitor. There should be a marginal difference between them when playing forward at normal speed. However, when played backwards and/or at anything more/less than normal speed, you will see why h264 is not recommended for use in Isadora. 
     --I don't know yet about h265\. Let us know!

  • "...not recommended for use in Isadora. "

    Well, not for any media software if you're doing what you describe. ;-)
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