IzzyMap Terminology: Mask vs Slice?

  • Hi @mark and team

    Have been more and more intrigued working with b4 ... especially the mapping.
    I have a question about the functioning of the "masks"...
    The rectangle, triangle and bezier "masks" basically take a slice of the input image and map it to a default geometry in the output (the triangle being the only one not mapping by default to the full output) - distorting the input to fit the output. Subsequently, both input and output transformations result in distortions. (it does feel like it may be useful to be able to initially mirror the input and output geometry to retain proportions)
    The complex mask works differently, and is in actual fact more of an actual "mask", as it selects areas of the image in the input to be shown / masked in the output, and only subsequent manipulations in the output bounding box result in limited quad distortions.
    My immediate reaction is to mentally categorise the rectangle, triangle and bezier options as "slices" instead of "masks".
    But I also wonder if the functioning of the complex mask might not make it useful elsewhere in the input-output pipeline. I can imagine wanting to mask a bit of an image (already mapped via the "slice" tools) that spills over a surface, for instance, without effecting any distortion.
    I hope this makes sense, let me know what you think...
    Take care

  • Dear @mockej,

    Perhaps your "ears were burning" as we say in English, because I was focused on this very task today. I have come up with some terminology that I think will clarify things. Stay tuned, as I will post this relatively soon. I'm waiting for comments from the tech team first but then I would be very happy to hear your reaction and critique.
    All the Best,

  • Hi @mark

    Fantastic! will cool my ears and wait...
    exciting times... 
    Take care