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    After I watched some cool videos about modular syntheziser and remembered how mark mentioned similarities of the Isadora actors in one of his turorials, I got some new inspirations for patching with the Izzy map.

    The idea of such a modular synthesizer is that you can route nearly everything into each other: So I was thinking to start with the simple shapes actor (like an oscillator in a synthesizer), modulate that in Izzy map (did some funky bezier) and route the output to some of the new ffgl effects. With the syphon stage output I get only the information of the whole stage. Is there a way of only getting the output of the mapped projector actor video for further manipulation, not the whole stage?
    Attached some files hoping to get my thoughts clearer.
    Thanx for advice,
    BTW: thats the freak that inspired this patch, really cool ytube channel:
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    A workaround could be to route the projector to another stage (screenshot)

    Doing this I ran into another problem: I have an external monitor attached via MatroxTriple head...if I have 2 stages the external monitor only shows the 2nd stage. Dont know how to swith the stages on the external, or put them side by side.


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    Answering my own question here, haha. Force stage preview did the trick regarding the external monitor.

  • Dear @feinsinn,

    I very much intend to have a "virtual stage" actor finished before the final 2.0 release. This means you'll be able to send what normally would go to the stage to an actor that "fakes out" a stage, and provides the result as a video input to other actors. I'm very confident I'll have this by the time we say "gold."
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    Dear @Mark great news! You rock!

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    Mark rocks? (no news to me ;-)