What is the latest pre-Isadora 2 build?

  • Can't understand why I'm confused about this... some message in the forum got me looking at the Downloads page - the last one I have is 1.5.3f27. Is that the latest?


  • Dear John,

    The version on the pre-releases page is always the latest. It says 2.0.0b4, but the 2.0 features will not appear if you have not purchased the 2.0 upgrade via our early adopters program. We jumped from 1.5.3f27 to 2.0.0, but the non-2.0 features did not change. (There were however bug fixes -- many -- since 1.3.1f06)
    I'd say if 1.5.3f27 is working for you, stick with it. Otherwise, download 2.0.0b4 and you'll have the latest and greatest pre-release.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark - 27 is what I have as well as v2.0.0b4. All is not only good, but great!