Importing a picture

  • have you tried the Sprite actor?

  • I will and come back with an update

  • this is one way to do it: make a string of 64 Sprites, each one feeding into the background of the next, each one with a picture player feeding into the 'sprite' input (via a Video Fader - if necessary)

    each Sprite actor has its horiz and vert controls set to make it a specific point on the grid. your MIDI watchers control the picture number of each Picture Player or the 'visible' input on each Sprite. it will take a while to make. i'm sure a bunch of Macros would be the way to go....

  • before going forward, 2 things:

    gaspav. I see in your image that your picture player is sending a "vid-cpu" string. I havent found the way to do the same. what am I missing?
    Also, I dont see a "Texture Picture Player" actor in my v2.0.0b4

  • Are you an earlier adopter? Dunno if that makes any difference.

    But I have two actors - Picture Player and Texture Picture Player - one puts out vid-cpu, the other vid-gpu. The first is connected to a normal projector, the second to a Texture Projector.
    Be interested to know if 64 projectors has an impact on performance though! Maybe I should try it. All that clicking though.

  • I will open this new question in a new post. and in the meantime I will try out what I already have in hands


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    You will only see the new actors and all the new features if you have purchased the 2.0 update.


  • @dbini

    I am using the mechanism you explained, and I am enjoying the results a lot!

  • I made a patch with 100 picture players and projectors to see what would happen.

    I'm not sure what did happen!
    My patch runs at 30fps most of the time but then sometimes it seems to dip out and drop much lower - if I move the cursor around for example.
    Anyway it might work out for you?
    Edit - Yeah sorry @dbini your solution is a million times better!


  • @gavspav - same here. it runs ok (25fps) and sometimes goes dramatically lower than that (13fps)

    I already sorted out the patch with the sprite actor, as suggested by @dbini, and it works very nice although the performance is also not excellent sometimes since I am triggering the images by midi, so   now I am simply waiting for the famous "texture picture player" to check out how the performance improves.

  • Well you could always make a bunch of one frame movies whilst you wait ;-)