• I try to play the video. At some point  video is played with jerks, then again smoothly. Regardless of the resolution, from SD to full HD.

    Any help?
    Thank you
    Izzy 2.0\. Mac Pro 2x2.66 8Gb 2Tb RAID, ATI HD 5770, 10.8.5
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    What codec is the video?

  • photo jpeg @70%

  • Try switch to prores 422.

  • Adjust the framerate in Isadora preferences to match with your videos framerate.

  • Thank you!

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    Izzy 2.0 has so many playback options, that it can take a little while to get accustom to them.

    If you haven't yet, I suggest reading the Knowledge-base article on video playback: http://troikatronix.com/izzy20-playback/
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    I see the others have replied before me. Let us know how you get on. :)

  • Wow this is such an amazing upgrade!

    I am a little bit confused by the Texture Projector, though. Should we be using Texture Projector to enable full GPU playback? But we also need to be using Texture Movie Player as well, right? That means we can't really be processing the video in between, but just purely for smooth playback purpose?
    Since a lot of users probably have already have their old setup/patches they reuse for many VJ shows. Would you recommend that we switch the Classical Movie Player to the Movie Player (2.0) and convert all the codecs to Apple Pro Res 422 or H264 if we are doing live video processing (lots of video effects) on the video clips? Or should we keep the old formats? I have a show coming up this weekend and would like to try the new functions/efficiency, but want to make sure that I'm doing it right to optimize the speed.
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    Should we be using Texture Projector to enable full GPU playback? But we also need to be using Texture Movie Player as well, right?  - Yes :)

    In response to your second paragraph. This is a slightly trickier one to answer. The classic Movie Player will still work and will still do a great job - but for all your new patches I'd probably suggest the 'new' (now standard) movie player. 
    If you are using a particular VJ patch over and over then i'd make a slow transition over and give it a full work out :) 

  • Thanks very much Graham.

    I've upgraded my machine with SSD and did some tests with izzy 2.0 and the results were completely astonishing! I've successfully played more than 8 1280 x720 video clips without really choking, this is truly impressive comparing the experiences of doing live videos in the past 6 years. Mark has marked a serious big step for the live video world!

    Just want to share some of the testing results that I did between movie player vs. texture movie player in various video codecs and resolution:

    movie player

    resolution/ codec/ numbers of video clips playing at the same time/ result of frame-rate/ (notes)

    1080 APRS422 X3 @ 18FPS (lagging motion)

    1080 PhotoJpeg x3  @ 29 (jittering motion)

    1080 PhotoJpeg x4  @ 26 (jittering/lagging motion)

    720 PhotoJpeg x5  @ 23-25FPS (pretty smooth)

    720 PhotoJpeg x6  @ 23-26FPS (sometimes lags/pretty smooth)

    720 PhotoJpeg x7  @ 21-24FPS (sometimes lags/pretty smooth)

    720 PhotoJpeg x8  @ 24-26FPS (sometimes lags/pretty smooth/some videos plays slower)

    720 PhotoJpeg x9  @ 23-27FPS (sometimes lags/pretty smooth/some videos more noticeably plays slower)

    Texture movie player

    1080 APRS X 3 @ 27 FPS (smooth)

    1080 APRS X 4 @ 12-18 FPS (slow down /smooth)

    1080 PhotoJpeg x3  @ 7FPS (jittering motion)

    just want to share this joy and maybe save some people's time from testing all the codecs and resolution. more to come! :)

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    Good isn't it :)

  • Somehow, the phrase "Mark has marked" made me chuckle a bit. ;-) Anyway, thanks for sharing the results. I'm really glad to hear it's working for you.

    All the Best

  • wow, you've spotted my secret alliteration Mark!

    Ok, I have a little questions that I'm facing that I cannot figure out yet while testing on another machine:

    For some reason with one of the same testing patch (which is running 9 1280 x 720 photojepg video on Movie Player), my MacBook Pro can run up to 26 FPS, and i'm testing on a Mac Pro can only run to 2 FPS. I've checked and see that on the Mac Pro, the movie player is running on "AV foundation", and the result was was poor, but in my Macbook pro it was running in "QT" automatically, with the exact same setting (ie. optimized for performance). I can't figure out why. I've installed Quick Time 7.6  And even if I switch the Movie Player setting to optimize for "interactivity", some Movie Player switched to "QT" but some remained in "AV". And the result was still poor (7FPS)

    Below are the specs:

    1\. MacPro (2008 model, upgraded)
    Processer: 2x 3.2GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 
    Memory: 3GB 667 MHz DDR2 FB-DIMM
    Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB SSD
    OSX 10.9.5

    3. MacBook Pro (mid 2012 model, upgraded to SSD)

    MacBook Pro 15in. (2012) 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7
    16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB
    SSD 500mb/500mb
    MacOS X 10.7.5 Isadora 2.0 b14

    thanks in advance