Quartz Composer Niggle

  • Hi all,

    Currently in the process of learning Quartz Composer, and slightly irritated by a certain feature.

    Selecting patch inspector results in the viewer being moved behind screen, so I'm unable to manipulate the inputs and view the results in real time.

    If anyone know of a solution I'd appreciate it greatly.


  • The only thing you can really do is not have the main window full screen and have all windows side by side if that makes sense?

  • I wonder if using external(second) monitor will allow you place Billboard(viewer) to it.

  • I would think so @vanakaru 

  • Dear all, it dose, artists need to pay rent and eat food, too sad I don`t have money to update to the new release at the moment. Looking forward.




  • Thanks for your advice, being the lowly the student I am, I'm working from a 13" macbook pro screen.


  • Dual screen? A cheap second monitor may help? I have one on gumtree in the UK for £15 :)

  • Hells horses Skultpture, is it still available?!

    I'd happily pick that up!


  • Yes it is. Where are you based @grimvisions?

  • Hi Skulpture,

    sorry for the delay, 
    I've actually shelved out and brought myself  projector.
    Thanks very much though for the offer,
    I'm studying in Hull university. 

  • No problem :)

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