Mouse setting adjustement on actor input: clic + Shift ...?

  • Hi dear users,
    I wonder if there is a way in isadora to adjust a parametre precisely with Shift click for example ?
    in Ableton Live the "shift-click" allows to interpret mouse mouvement 'round 2,5X more precisely to adjust a parametre,
    it's really usefull to get more fluent and stay with the same medium instead of going back to keyboard when trying to find the right position.

    Best regards

  • Tech Staff

    Shift + click and drag will control the value 10x more accurate, moving the controlled value over a decimal point.

    Seems to move the accuracy from 1 decimal point to two. I thought that the placement of the mouse during the click helped to define the accuracy point but I am not seeing this right now.

  • Yes sorry indeed it works but need to click after the decimal point (on  isa 2.0.0.b4, )

  • Hi there,

    @bennid & @DusX: the position of the mouse click _does not_ affect the resolution of the adjustment. I am very sure about this.
    Click and drag _without_ the shift key does the normal adjustment. The resolution for this adjustment is usually 0.1 _unless_ the range of value is less than or equal to 2.0 (e.g, -1 to +1) at which point the resolution will automatically be set to 0.01.
    Click and drag _with_ the shift key to have 10x more resolution.
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    thanks Mark, not sure where I picked up the idea that placement had any effect.
    I'm probably mashing software in my head.