• Hi @kinoni, Il wonder If there is a Logic in cam naming during connection process So that we don t hâve to reassign cam in our patches? Then when one cam crashes it sometimes freezes the other ones, any solution? Finally i experience more lags and glitches on jailbroken iphone 5 than on 3GS and ipad Thanks a lot for your comments!

  • Izzy Guru

    "Finally i experience more lags and glitches on jailbroken iphone 5 than on 3GS and ipad"

    Is this not just because it's jailbroken? 

  • iphone 5 has higher resolution camera, higher bandwidth over wifi?

  • @skulpture: I think so indeed, losts of artefacts and glitches indeed on jailbroken, ( i think IOS 7 JB is not really the best)

    @fred: i don't exactly know i suppose refering to apple spec. 6 is wifi ac whereas 5 is wifi n, i suppose 4s is or 3gs are slower

    I still have pb of 1 crash that freezes all and cam name reassign each new connection...
    any idea?
    Best regards

  • @bennid

    Sorry for slow reply, was having a short holiday. Naming logic is that device that connects first is named as camera1, device that connects next is camera2 and so forth.
    Sorry about the crashes, but we really haven't seen any. If connection drops on one camera others should continue working.
    We have a iPhone 5 as our main test device running iOS 8 (was running iOS 7 earlier) and with iOS 8.0.2 it seems to work ok. iOS 8.0 changed a few things that were fixed on iOS 8.0.2 so you could try deleting and reinstalling the app. We have no experience on jailbroken devices, can't comment if the app works on those or not.
    You could also try setting lower resolution from menu, by default iPhone does send 720p video. iPhone 3GS and older iPads only support 480p resolution. Difference in bandwidth requirement is like double. 

  • Thanks a lot for replies,
    I understand camera naming but device id recognition is interesting for stability and assignation (imagine a 15 different set up in isadora and being obliged to reassign each one is a hard thing;-*...)

    But as i'm quite new to isa, users may have a solution to send camera input to all scenes at the same time?
    through a macro maybe?

    I only experienced crashes

    • in bad wireless set up
    • with jailbroken device,
      nevertheless, despite jailbreak seems shity it offers a lot of interesting things by modifying os, design is sadly the main but also features regarding background status of apps (maybe a way to go further than apple restriction and let epoccam working backgrounded while openning touch osc to send accel and gyro datas... didn't test yet ...)
    • but also when a cam is connecting, which is a problem to change the set up on stage (switching on device, or connecting back after connection lost)

    Nice to hear everything is fine on IOS 8.0.2

    Sorry kinoni I just tested data weight again on video transmission i confirm what you said:
    0,15mb/s for 640/480
    0,3mb/s for 1280/720
    logical ;-)