...then again, there is the thing with the cursor

  • ...just bought you a pint to get you started

  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks Ruppert! There are only a few small areas I get stuck with. I am not very clued up on DMX lifting and ArtMwt stuff yet. But I hope to solve this over the summer. I will will try and get something sorted this afternoon. I will contact you via email. The pint means a lot honestly! Thanks! Graham

  • Hi Graham

    Following your hint I found a little freeware online called Cursorcerer that does just that: hide the cursor.
    It is not the most elegant solution, but it sure is effective.
    If you come up with something more elegant, I'd be curious, but otherwise save your efforts for something more challenging.
    p.s. bought you another pint
  • Izzy Guru


    [http://doomlaser.com/cursorcerer-hide-your-cursor-at-will/](http://doomlaser.com/cursorcerer-hide-your-cursor-at-will/) looks cool.
    I created something anyway... just for fun!
    Email sent.
    Cheers again, Graham

  • Dear Ruppert,

    You could use the AppleScript to simulate a cursor move.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thanks Mark,

    Between this, and the freeware to make the cursor disappear I ought to be able to solve my problem.

  • But also, please submit a bug report on this. Isadora should hide the cursor whenever it is over a full-screen stage. I want to ensure that gets fixed.

    http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/ -> Topic = Bug Report
    Best Wishes,

  • Please make it a user selectable option - sometimes you want the cursor visible, often when setting things up. For example I have a quartz composer actor in isadora that you can enable so the corners of it can be dragged around the stage using the Mouse. This makes setting up a multi projection system really quick, and something I can pass on to someone who isn't a izzy programmer on a tour. The option to then make the mouse not visible on stages would be great, but please dont hard code it into izzy, have a setting in the stages contro, panel, alongside the floating windows option.

  • Well, the main thing is this: if you switch into Isadora (e.g., via command-tab) and don't move the mouse, and the "Hide Cursor When Full Screen" option is enabled, then the cursor should be invisible. I think this is what's happening to Ruppert -- he's activating Isadora via AppleScript, but the cursor doesn't move; thus it's visibility is not properly updated. That's what I intend to fix.

  • Ah ok - misunderstood, sorry.