Impossible to install the last version of isadora on mac os 10,5

  • i 've made a patch for a performer and it's impossible to install the last version of isadora on mac osx 10,5 what i can i do??
    i've tried many times to install but nothing to do
    someone can help me please

  • Tech Staff

    You might need an older version of isadora. Maybe isadora version 1.2.9?

  • I have 0.24 runnig on osx I think 10.4. 10.5 runs for sure. Can you try running OSX software updates on the machine and bring it up to date?

    It would also help if you explain what you mean you cannot install Isadora. are there any error messages?

  • I know you emailed me via TroikaTronix support. I pointed you to a link to 1.3.0f17 -- did that solve your problem?

    Best Wishes,

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