• Hi, I'm trying to substitute the Shapes actor with a picture or movie actor that could work in the same way (with H&V positions and W&H).
    I tried to do it in different ways including connecting the above mentioned directely to the projector but the result is not the same... (2.0.0b4)
    Any help?

  • Tech Staff

    the image/movie actor will default to scale to the stage size. You want to control this.
    You can calculate the percent of stage size that it is, and then use this value to set it to its 'actual' size.
    For example a 64px x 48px image is 10% width and height of a 640x480 stage, so setting it to a 10% width and height in a projector will have it render at actual size.
    If you are doing alot of this I suggest creating a user actor that calculates the width and height percentage of an incoming image.