Asus N53SV - video camera don works

  • Hi, I have this comp, I am exploring Isadora and I have dowloaded the 1.3.0f24 prerealease... the video cam that is builted-in turn-on the light, but there is not image... the screen remains black... do you know were is the problem? ...thanks a lot...!!! ...AZ.

  • I have noticed an issue with 0.24 where camera shows no image if resolution is set to something else than full size. I think I tried on separate capture cards and computers but have not filled a bug report. I have a few other bugs to report on 0.24 once shows open this week.

  • There is a bug in the Windows version of Isadora regarding this... LPMode is right, you need to set it to full screen. 1.3.0f25 will fix it, which I'm working on quite furiously right now.

    Best WIshes,

  • Thanks Mark, it works ok like this... best wishes...!!! AZ.

  • Hi Mark, FYI... I have two people on PC's in my workshop both with this problem as well. The 'fullsize' workaround isn't working for them however. Any new developments on this? (Is this a Windows-Quicktime issue?) cheers,jamie

  • Can you recommend an earlier version of Isadora, that Windows users could download in the meantime that will circumvent the issue? thanks, jamie

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