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    On os 10.10 Isadora just stops working. I've filed a bug report on that so Mark can test, but i want to share to the community that OS X 10.10 beta 4 (I'm beta testing OS X yosemite). Behavior is erratic. Isadora doesn't really crash but audio scenes work but jumping to video scenes doesn't. Texture movie player and new movie player don't work and sometimes even classic projector and classic movie player (scenes just with that) don't work and it is even on izzy 1.5.3...
    Don't update your system!!!!
    P.S. Maybe related to october bug

  • It is not related to the October bug, it is something else. We know about the problem, but I have not spent any further time (after an initial test) on 10.10\. I have focused on 10.9 because that is the official Mac OS at the moment.

    Rest assured, I will make sure that Isadora 2.0 works by the official release date. (Rumour sites say this will be October 21.)

    -- Mark
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    I know But In fact moving the date I have managed to do 3 runs of the show on the 2.0.b4. Isadora 2 and Yosemite b4 (YES WE CAN!!!!!) I'll test tonight on the b 12

  • Dear Armando,

    Oh OK. So maybe it is related to the October bug then. 2.0.0b12 will solve it if that's the problem.
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi Mark,

    Does Isadora 2 now run smoothly on Yosemite, and are there any known bugs we should avoid? Thinking about upgrading some show computers to 10.10 but don't want to take the plunge if it's going to cause problems. 


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    Apart from a few small bugs I have as a beta tester I can't find any serious performance/GUI issues.

    I've been running it (10.10) for a month now.
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    I also don't have any issues, also about a month on 10.10.


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    Good to know. How about other software and hardware that this community uses often, like NIMate, BMstuff, etc

  • Hello,

    Just upgrading one of my computer to Yosemite (not my performance one…), The new movie player is not working at all (Isadora 2.0.0b12), it recognize the movie but doesn't play it. The grey line stay grey, not becoming green.
    Some other one have the same problem?
    Thanks, Jacques

  • Hello again,

    With Yosemite, there is problems with some Quartz Composer patches, I deactivated the loading of Quartz Composer libraries in preference, now everything seems to work well.
    Good news,

  • Well, in the short term, I would recommend that if possible you install Yosemite as a partition only at the moment, especially if your performance machine will be going into a show deadline in near future, since full testing on Yosmeite is still underway, especially if you are used to working with many different kinds of external hardwares, softwares and drivers etc.

    Hi Jacques,
    Can you file a bug report about the Movie Player issue, so we can track specific details better?  http://troikatronix.com/support/isadora/
    thank you