Epoccam sound input: how to?

  • Hi dears,

    @kinoni, and users,
    I'm super happy to use this soft that is the first pro one to me !

    I wonder how to get sound from 4 remote iphone cams, (to route it in isadora and ableton live, I would like to do both)
    i'm using epoccam multicam on ios, epoccam viewer pro on mac os X, and syphon to video as a plugin to isadora,
    (my epoccam drivers and softs are up to date)

    I tried to find input in

    • system sound preference,
    • utility audio peripherals
    • through soundflower but I without success,
      maybe i should use something special?

    I'm sure it's possible since website notices it... should have miss something...

    Thanks a lot for your reply(ies)
    Best regards,

  • +1 please i need reply;-) Thanks

  • +1 please it 's written sound input on kinoni website,
    does anyone have infos on syphon audio input?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Did you try asking Kinoni themselves? Maybe they have an answer for you.


  • Thanks mark I ve sent my question to samy and will post reply here... Bests