Triple Head 2 go Isadora 2 and Yosemite

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    I can confirm that with Matrox Power desk that corrects the bad behavior in OS X YOSEMITE I can use aThe triple head 2 go Display Port Edition having a triple FullHD in Isadora 204\. Good news!! 
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    Thanks for sharing.

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    You are welcome

  • I had problems last weekend with my Matrox DPTriplehead. There were regular (but not rhythmic) momentary breaks in signal to the projectors (8K Christies), that fixed themselves always after 3-4 seconds.
    I did have a lot of other peripherals running on USB busses, and the Matrox draws power over USB.
    It was also possible that this was due to the theatre's optical to SDI connections... I output HDMI from the triplehead adaptors that they converted via a BlackMagic unit to send out over optical.

    Am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this sort of pulsing loss of signal, that comes back in by itself. Intuitively it felt like momentary drop in power... but I am not sure if that is a logical conclusion.
    I am looking into the Matrox Powerdesk software, since I had never used that before. I no longer have the theatre set up to troubleshoot this with... so not sure if I will be able to recreate, but need to find out what was happening.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • I have seen this kind of behavior before. . . It has always been difficult to diagnose.

    I have found that changing resolutions can sometimes improve reliability. - Though a frustrating fix when lower resolutions are unacceptable.
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    Yes i experienced exactly this in Montreal too. I thought it was interaction between Izzy 20b12 and Yosemite...

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    I had this problem myself with two small acer wideangle projectors I first thought maybe the cheap projectors are the reason, but when I read you have the same with Chrisites it must be something else. But I am not using trippleHeads.
    The question now is what is causing this problem?


  • Hello, has anybody tried Yosemite with matrox dual analog? (works with 10.8.5)